• The company's scale has further expanded and it is steadily moving forward

  • Obtained the registration certificate for a custom-made no-bracket appliance; the second-class award for outstanding new products in Liaoning Province; reviewed through a high-tech company; applied for a successful national support plan; and establis

  • National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprise certificate; 16-color colored dental materials listed; digital oral system solution-wide product portfolio; Benxi Industrial Park Phase II construction and production

  • Ultra-transparent dental materials, dyeing liquids listed; comprehensive promotion of domestic market promotion and training; CADCAM system second-generation products listed; access to high-tech enterprise certificate; national Torch Program project

  • The sleeve products passed the EU RoHS certification, the employee holding company set up Jixian Investment was incorporated and the Benxi Industrial Park was opened and put into operation, and the strategic investors were introduced to formally sign

  • Shenzhen Aier won the national high-tech enterprise certification and established Liaoning Aierchuang Biological Material Co., Ltd.

  • Shenyang Erchuang passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

  • Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certification, Shenyang Aier Innovation Material Co., Ltd. was established and received high-tech enterprise certification in Shenyang City

  • The ceramic sleeve was approved for inclusion in the National 863 Project and entered the stage of R&D and industrial preparation in the field of dental biomaterials

  • Obtain the certification of Shenzhen high and new technology project